NAPLAN online practice tests (unofficial)

Numeracy - Spelling - Grammar and Punctuation


There are 10 questions in each test. Don't worry if you find some questions hard.

The correct answer is given at the end. You can do a test as many times as you like.


For each question in the test, fix the incorrect word so the sentence is correct.

Grammar and Punctuation

Choose the best answer from the choices provided.

If you prefer, our old tests are still available.

You need a desktop computer to use the old tests.

Old tests


Smeebu assessments are updated versions of the original smeebu tests. They are compatible with iPads, Android tablets, laptops and personal computers.

Tests are free to use. No registration or sign up is required.

The tests are designed to help students become familiar with the NAPLAN assessment format.

Anonymous information collected on this site may be used for educational measurement research purposes.

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